Breast pump shield

Breast pump shield

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21mm, 24mm, 27mm size

Our Harmony breast pump is sent automatically with a 24mm breast shield.

But we all come in different shapes and sizes, if you measure your nipple diameter in mm and add 2mm each side of that measurement this will help give you a comfortable shield size.

For your convenience we stock 3 sizes - 21mm, 24mm or 27mm shield.

If you buy the breast pump with the incorrect shield size, no problem we have a different size shield available to purchase separately. If you damage or loose your shield, no problem we have them in stock.

If you require a smaller shield the 21mm would be your choice, or the larger option is the 27mm. It is important to have the correct shield size to prevent soreness or cracking when using your Harmony breast pump.

Soft liquid silicone shield
BPA Free

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