Baby Carry Wrap - MINT

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These beautiful wraps are made from quality organic cotton (95%) and spandex (5%) a perfect blend of stretch and comfort for you and baby.

They can hold up to 16kg and are perfect from birth. 

Our Jaz-it Carry Wrap is one size fits all. 

You will reduce shoulder and back strain, unlike other backpacks or front packs these wraps distribute the weight evenly across your back.  There are some great YouTube tutorials out there for different ways to carry different aged babies.

Baby wraps are fantastic for going on walks or outings, handy to help walk around the house or work place with a restless non sleeper or unsettled baby tummy.  

Lets not forget baby holders that are all fingers and thumbs - this is a great secure way to ensure even the most awkward holder feels in control and baby is comfortable.

Complete with drawstring bag and instruction manual.