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Some helpfull answers to frequently asked questions below:

A Fully charged breast pump will give 3 hours of pumping time.

The pump is not silent, it makes a quiet pump noise, the motor is under 55db.

If you don't have the droplets picture on the display screen it is NOT in pump mode.

Please look at the last page of troubleshooting in your manual if you are noticing low or no suction.

The 24mm breast silicone shield is our most popular size.

We have 3 sized breast shields available 21mm, 24mm and 27mm, 21mm is the smaller size and 27mm is the larger.

The best way to find the right size shield for you is to measure the width of your nipple in mm and add 4mm to this total. This will allow 2mm either side of your nipple in the shield so that it is most comfortable.

Our breast pumps are 100% BPA free and FDA approved. Our 180ml bottle is PPSU a safer plastic when heated.

We use 100% food grade silicone, these parts over time may need replacing we have these parts available. They can wear or weaken and this can affect the pump efficiency.

The best position for pumping is in a relaxed environment, slightly lean your self forward and relax into the pump shield as if you were leaning slightly over to feed baby directly.

Be patient, you will have a better productive pump session if you are not rushed and are comfortable

Not everyone will have a successful breastfeeding journey unfortunately, likewise not everyone will have a successful pumping experience either. This does not mean the pump is faulty.

Our new 180ml PPSU bottles are sold in a 2pk and 1 comes on the pump in the pump pack. PPSU is a safer healthier product to use when warming milk for babies.

You can store your milk in the refrigerator for up 48hrs and store in freezer for 8 months.

It is not advised to microwave milk it creates unsafe hot spots.

Yes you can combine milk collected from the same day.

Do not mix different days milk together or fresh milk with frozen milk.

We have a pack of 1 time use storage bags and a connector to pump directly into the bag for ease of storage and less waste.

Heat milk by placing in a container and sit in warm water, we don't recommend you microwave milk.

Depending on the heat of the day try not to store milk at room temperature for longer than 2 hours.